ER 2020 Conceptual Modeling

ER 2020 is over: Thank you!

Dear Conceptual Modelers,

we like to thank you for participating in the first virtual Conceptual Modeling conference!

Have a look at the updated ER’2020 conference program, which now incorporates all videos and slides that were provided by the authors as well as video recordings of all four keynotes!

We hope to meet you all in person at ER’2021 in St. John’s (Canada)!

Kind regards,

Gerti Kappel and Heinrich C. Mayr

ER is the premier academic venue for the discussion of foundational aspects of conceptual modeling. ER2020 had the overarching theme:

Digital Transformation — Exciting Times for Conceptual Modeling

The world is being reconstructed through software and data. Conceptual models seem mandatory to cope with this gigantic transformation that is unprecedented in the history of humankind. Not only do they build a solid foundation for designing software systems, they also foster the empowerment of users and help us to develop images of possible future worlds. However, recent developments in AI challenge this pivotal role of conceptual models. Some AI proponents go so far as to predict the end of conceptual modeling, for an ostensibly convincing reason: machine learning will enable automated software construction, both faster and at much lower costs. These contradictory assessments make it especially exciting to reflect upon the foundations of conceptual modeling and the limitations of inductive approaches to software creation.

The ER conference has been the leading conference on conceptual modeling for many years. In continuation of this tradition, ER 2020 has been dedicated to providing a forum for discussing the present and future role of conceptual modeling with regard to enabling and managing change.